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We are facing a serious dilemma.

When one browses through Live Journal in this day and age, one comes across a wide variety of people, groups, and monkeys. However, after doing this for a while, one starts to notice a frightening trend. One notices the user icons that are apparent everywhere one goes. At first, one may simply notice them in passing moments and think nothing of it. Or one may admire their beauty, and move on. But as the exposure to these icons becomes greater and greater, their presence begins to wear on one's mind, grinding it down silently and steadily until little more than a stub remains.

The icons are taking over the world.

And not just any icons are doing this, either. After some time, one can recognize the culprits on sight, and learn to tell them apart from their benign counterparts. The harbingers of evil are overly ornate. They feature borders, fancy lighting effects, opacities, and random squares. They often contain fancy texts, with certain words made very large for emphasis. Often, these words are song lyrics. The icons may have strange shapes, and missing corners, and transparencies. They are The Evil Ones. And they are spreading every day.

It is time to make a stand. It is time to stop this flow of fancy icons made by people who actually know what they're doing. Something must be done.

Bald Monkey Icons!

This community is dedicated to promoting the use of icons that do not follow the way of The Evil Ones. These icons are made by people who simply fudge their way through the icon-making process, and don't actually know what they're doing. Some of the features these icons DO NOT have are:
  • fancy borders
  • transparencies
  • odd shapes
  • meaningful song lyrics
  • opacities
  • any of those *other* fancy picture features!
Bald Monkey Icons are simple pictures used as icons. The pictures *may* be edited, but they do not contain the things mentioned above. They may also contain monkeys, bald monkeys, bananas, and/or coconuts, although none of those are required. As a general rule, Bald Monkey Icons should be humorous. They may be animated, but only if they are not animated *well* and if they still hold with the rest of these requirements. BMI may also still contain text, even song lyrics, as long as they are completely random, and do not try to serve a purpose. As a general rule, if you don't know what you're doing making it, it probably qualifies to be a BMI. Congratulations.

And even if you *do* sometimes make those Evil Icons, or if you use one, or have used one in the past, we welcome your submissions here. The first step on the path to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and the second is doing something to overcome it! Together, we shall overcome!


Once you've been approved as a BMer, just remember to lj-cut if you post more than three BMIs at a time.

And for people who want to take icons from here, all we require is that you join the community. If the individual BMers have other rules, they can post them along with their icons. Happy monkeying!

<CLARIFICATION> So I have been told I need to clarify the above mission statement. One suggestion was that I state that Pretty Icon = Evil Icon. However, this does not always hold true. What we're going against here more is "ornate." Fancy borders, etc. Basically anything that looks like all those other icons you've seen floating around. So let's bring in some examples, courtesy of inimicalicons (1, 2, and 4) and lefteyeright (3):

Bad Examples:      

Good Examples:      

Note that *although* the fourth icon does feature color changes that require some photo-editing knowledge, it has no border, no weird squares, no weird shape, no song lyrics with randomly large words, &c. Plus, it features a monkey. So that just automatically makes it good. Hopefully this has helped to clear things up a bit.</CLARIFICATION>